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Support is often what creative people need most. Through the Creative Ways to Well-being website you can access other services to support you on your creative journey:

If you feel you need support to get started or to keep going with your everyday creative life, then you may benefit from one or more Creative Coaching sessions with me.

Perhaps you feel you are not getting much out of reading, and you’d like to develop your reading skills or receive a personalised reading list, tailored to your needs and interests.

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About Cate RichmondIMG_1599 (3)

I am a poet and a knitter. I have worked as a librarian and as a facilitator and presenter of community arts projects and workshops. After growing up believing I was not creative, I discovered that I could make my own everyday creative life.

I am passionate about creativity and how it can positively influence our well-being. I have been a reader since childhood, and to support my own creative practice, and my understanding of the benefits of creativity, I have read widely and undertaken research in the fields of creativity, well-being, positive psychology, coaching, brain health, literature, writing and spirituality. My background in libraries means that I can identify and evaluate resources; and from my work as a community arts facilitator comes the experience of working with individuals and groups on creative arts projects designed to enhance and support well-being.

My research into the fields mentioned above has taken an evidence-based approach. This means the resources and practice activities which I share with you have been developed using current best practice and the latest research.

I have an Arts Degree from Flinders University (majoring in Literature) and a Graduate Diploma in Librarianship from Charles Stuart University.  I was amongst the first cohort of graduates from Dr Sarah MacKay’s Neuroscience Academy, studying evidence-based strategies for brain health and wellness; and recently I completed a Creativity Coaching Course with Creativity Coach, Dr Eric Maisel.

I am a member of the Creative Recovery Network  and the Creativity Coaching Association and a volunteer at my local community arts centre: Mission Arts.

Aquarius 13 is a self-published book featuring a selection of my poetry and photographs. Take a journey through the many landscapes of Australia in this collection. Colour is a strong theme, from the cool blues of water in all its forms, to tropical greens, soft pink sunsets, and the vibrant reds of Central Australia.

Copies in various formats are available for purchase from the Blurb Bookstore.


Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.

– Arthur Koestler