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Do you wish you had more time for creative pursuits? Are you one of the many people who grew up believing they are not creative? Perhaps you were told (or you believe) that you “don’t have a creative bone in your body”? Would you like to learn how to bring some creativity into your life? Are you looking for ways to boost your well-being? Perhaps you’d like to learn to be more resourceful or find new ways of self-expression. Perhaps you’d like to increase your resilience, or just bring more awareness to your daily activities so you can live life more creatively.

You are a creative person! Creative Ways to Well-being will help you uncover your creative self and show you how to bring more creativity into your life. Here we explore the strong link between creativity and well-being: not only is creativity good for the soul, there is significant evidence that it can have a positive effect on our health and well-being. These resources and suggested activities are based on the growing body of evidence that shows that the arts and creative practice can increase our emotional, mental and physical well-being: “The arts bring us alive, nourish our curiosity, help us learn … and they give us the courage to face our own frailties and strengths.” (London Arts and Health Forum)

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